B.Sc &B.A

Subjects Offered  B.Sc:    The college provides B.Sc Training in almost all major subject of Faculty of Art & Science. The details are as:  

Subject Combinations (Faculty of Science) :  Physical condition, Chemistry , Zoology,  Botany , Mathematics

Subjects Offered  B.A:    The college provides B.A Training in almost all major subject of Faculty of Art . The details are as: 

Subject Combinations  (Faculty of Art ) : Geography, Hindi, Sanskrit , Pol. Science ,History, Sociology, English .

Computer Labs

Lab computer platforms include Macintosh, Windows, and Unix (Linux). Capacity in computer labs ranges from eight to 48 workstations, and locations are distributed throughout the UCSC campus. In some locations,computer labs are equipped with specialized instrutional technology equipment (HD data projectors, scanners, and video editing stations). Most labs are staffed with consultants.

See computer lab descriptions to learn more about:

  • Locations & maps
  • Layouts
  • Platforms
  • Hardware


Every quarter UCSC offers a series of digital video workshops targeted at the beginning digital videographer. These classes cover the basics and some more advanced techniques in the editing and distribution of digital video content.

Science Lab

  • Biology
  • Apron coat; Terrycot Arc indicator; wooden big size  Articulated Human Skeleton
  • Autolave Portable; 12"x12"Alum : Auxanometer Demonstration; With clock work
  • Beakers (different size)
  • Bone cutter; 6" S.S.
  • Burette; Borosil Glass Teflon stop cock, 50 ml
  • Butterfly Net
  • Cavity black;40x40mm
  • Cellophane Paper
  • Chemicals Biuret reagent 125ml
  • Chemicals Dichlorophenol endophenol 5gm
  • Compound Microscope with built in system. 5x, 10x, 45x
  • Cover slips
  • Descicator; 6" glass (15 cm)
  • Dissecting Boards 9” X6”
  • Couplin Jar; pvc
  • Mounted Charts Showing different Human Systems
  • Mounted Charts Showing Transverse Section of Root, Stem and Leaf
  • Oven (lab); 12"x12"x12" S.S.
  • Overhead projector
  • Permanent Slides Budding in Hydra
  • Mounting Needle; Plastic big
  • Mounting Needle; Plastic big


  • Asbestos sheet pieces 10” x 10” x 1/ 16”/li>
  • Barometer; complete with show cases
  • Beaker 1000 ml R
  • Beaker 500 ml R
  • Beaker 250 ml R
  • Beaker Borosilicate glass 100 ml R
  • Beakers (with different sizes); (100 ml,250, 500, 100) 25 each
  • Beehise shelve; 3"
  • Beehives shelf porcelain
  • Bell Jar; 8"x4"
  • Bolometer;
  • Bottle Aspiratory (5L)
  • Brush for test tube
  • Buckner funnel; 3" J brands


  • Optical bench apparatus and rods (Steel)/li>
  • Abonite rods
  • Ammeter (0-0 6/0 – 3 amp) best quality bench type dual range
  • Analog Ammeter (Ammeter with pointer)
  • Analog Multimeter (Multimeter
  • Analog Voltmeter (Voltmeter with pointer)
  • Angle iron 6 feet long graduated nickled with iron support stand and steel ball complete
  • Apparatus to show force on a conductor in a magnetic Field
  • Avometer Mechanical high ranges Model MF 15
  • Bar magnet
  • Bar Magnet Plastic Coated Ceramic
  • Bar magnets (strong magnetic field) 4 ½” size
  • Battery holders cell box for one tow cells red woo box with brass terminals
  • Bell jar & Air Pump
  • Burette Clamp and Boss Head
  • Calorimeter with wooden jacket + Stirrer + Lid superior
  • Capacitor apparatus ( behaviour of capacitors in A.C Circuit) complete with China meters complete superior.
  • Capacitors
  • Car bulb (12 volt) on wooden base with terminals.
  • Carbon Rod


  • 3D Geographical Plastic Relief Models: Interior of Earth Size: 100 x 75 cm (Serial No. 30) (with frame)
  • 3D Geographical Plastic Relief Models: Origin of the Earth, Size: 100 x 75 cms (Serial No. 41) (with frame)
  • 3D Geographical Plastic Relief Models: Rocks & Volcanoes Size: 100 x 75 cms (Serial No. 33) (with frame)
  • 3D Raised Relief Geographical Models by Hubbard U.S.A.: Earth History Model (Size: 60 x 60 cms) (Serial No. 64) (set)
  • 3D Raised Relief Geographical Models by Hubbard U.S.A.: Map Reading Model (Size: 25 x 25 x 5cms) (Serial No.62) (set)
  • 3D Raised Relief Geographical Models by Hubbard U.S.A.: Raised Plastic Topographic Maps.
  • Adjustible set squares 12 inch
  • Aerial Photograph & Instruments: Aerial photographs (coloured) pair (Serial No. 259. k)
  • Aerial Photograph & Instruments: Aerial photographs pair size 25 x 25cms B & W with corresponding toposheet laminated scale 1:50,000 set (Serial No 259 i).
  • Altimeter Barigo (Germans with Barometer pressure scales): Size 65mm, Range 4000 meters, Cat. No. 20 minimum 50 meters, Serial No. 363
  • Atlas: Times Atlas of the World. Reference edition (U.K print) each (Serial No. 114)
  • Atlas: Times Atlas of World History (U.K print) (Serial No. 118)
  • Barometer: Aneroid Barometer with Instruction (Barigo model No. 121) – German made 87mm (Serial No. 352)
  • Barometer: Thermo – Hygro-barometer combined Barigo model No. 3781 (Mini weather station) (Serial No 361).
  • Book Published by Hubbard U.S.A.: Reading Map

Library Management System

GENIUS  Library Management System (GLMS) is a web based solution which is developed on latest technology focused towards automating the vital activities of the Library.

The GENIUS  Solution can be integrated with Barcode for easy access and retrieval of any item from the Library. An online public access catalog facility can be provided for speedy retrieval of any kind of document. The GENIUS  solution can be linked with self service KIOSKS for quick search and online requisition.